29th January 2019 News wire

Renewed noise around Kenya’s nuclear plans with a 2027 deadline for commissioning the first plant – support comes from Russia on skills training. Further drilling at Akiira geothermal site, Kinangop wind farm sued over breach of contract. In Uganda, CWE starts technical operation of Isimba hydroelectric dam as the government warns that there is no more funding for new electricity generation. Despite foreign pressure, Tanzania’s government has vowed that Stiegler’s Gorge power project will continue. 15 years on, is the East African Power Pool ever going to become reality?


AGL will take over drilling for Akiira geothermal project

Centum Investments Company Plc, Ram Energy, Marine Power and Frontier Investment Management ApS, the shareholders of Akiira Geothermal Limited, are considering resuming drilling at the Akiira geothermal project site. The objective is to dig a third well to compensate for the poor productivity of the first two.


Kenya on course towards first nuclear power plant by 2027

The Ministry of Energy is seeking to have the country’s first nuclear power plant commissioned by 2027. Among the major challenges that nuclear energy development in the country has been facing is the lack of skilled personnel in nuclear energy, an impediment which the ministry is taking measures to overcome. However, although the deadline for the first plant is 2027, this is subject to the passing of the draft Nuclear Regulatory Bill which was first tabled in parliament in November 2018 by majority leader Aden Duale.


Russian firm to sponsor Kenyan students study nuclear science

Russian nuclear energy corporation, Rosatom, has offered to sponsor Kenyan students planning to study for an undergraduate degree in nuclear science at two Russian universities.


Sri Lanka cable firm eyes Kenya Power contract

A Nairobi-based Sri Lankan company has launched a bid for contracts to supply electricity cables to Kenya Power and the Rural Electrification Authority after securing an additional Sh80 million capital injection from a local bank and its Colombo parent shareholder. The firm had been facing delays in delivering on orders for cable supply in Kenya due to capacity constraints.


Kinangop wind farm sued for Sh1.2 billion

A Spanish firm has sued Kinangop Wind Park Limited for Sh1.2 billion compensation over alleged breach of contract in the construction of the 60.8 MW installation. Iberdrola Ingeniera Y Construction S.A.U claims that Kinangop Wind Park Limited, which is under receivership, in 2013 contracted it to procure and install the wind turbines but following alleged hostility by the local community the agreement was terminated in 2015.


Outrage as woman dies while giving birth in Voi hospital

The death of a woman while giving birth at Taita Taveta’s Moi County Referral Hospital in Voi, has sparked outrage among residents and a section of women leaders. Ms Fatuma Mugambi is alleged to have died on Monday due to lack of electricity at the hospital’s theatre.



CWE commissions 183.2MW Isimba hydroelectric dam

China International Water and Electric Corporation commissioned the Isimba hydroelectric dam on Thursday, January 24, 2019. However, its commercial operation is not expected to begin until March 2019. With a capacity of 183.2 MW, it is located in central Uganda.


Government will not build new power plants

The government will not sink money in new electricity generation plants in the medium term. Instead, it will funnel funds to Standard Gauge Railway.


Uganda: when electricity means life

Electricity is considered a luxury in parts of Africa. When it comes to its supply in public health facilities however, it can mean life or death. Under international human rights law, privatisation does not relieve the state of its responsibility to ensure that social services are accessible. The state is obliged to ensure that lives always come before profits, even when private service providers are involved. [A lawyer’s opinion (Center for Health, Human Rights and Development) on Umeme disconnecting hospitals over unpaid bills.]



No backing down on Stiegler’s, Government vows

Implementation of the Stiegler’s Gorge power project will continue as planned despite renewed foreign pressure to convince the government to go back to the drawing board, a senior official has said.



East Africa’s pool power project yet to come to light

An ambitious plan to interconnect power facilities in the wider East Africa region to facilitate electricity trade continues to be a dream, 15 years after it was mooted. The Eastern Africa Power Pool was conceived based on the need for optimum development of energy resources to accelerate access to reliable and affordable electricity across borders of 10 countries.


Africa’s electricity shortage challenge should have a nuclear option

The focus on tackling the electricity supply deficiency in Sub-Saharan Africa has been on renewable energy over the last decade. In particular, the potential of solar and wind energy has been most loudly heralded as the solutions for the hundreds of millions of Africans without access to any electricity. The ability to use innovative, off-grid delivery systems with better energy storage technology without the need for fossil fuels, has been an almost irresistible narrative for most of us. [Opinion piece]



Article Courtesy of : East African Energy Analytics

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