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Innovation is key to ensuring that all counties can
benefit from low-cost renewable power.
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“Renewable energy coupled with
technological innovation are changing the
way that energy is produced, distributed
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  • AfricaLive Interview – Andrew Amadi-CEO | Kenya Renewable Energy Association (KEREA) ( Interview )

    “I would say that Africa’s energy future is not predetermined. Whenever people talk about preparedness, they are usually looking at it from the perspective of how Europe and other developed places have made their transition.  The assumption is always that Africa is supposed to follow the same path. I say we don’t. I look at

    May 4, 2022

    PRESS RELEASE KEREA ENERGY PRICE INDEX Energy pricing is always a very contentious issue. There are three primary competing interests. The consumer wants it at the lowest possible cost. The investor wants to make the most possible profit. The government wants to collect the most tax while at the same time appearing to protect the

    April 16, 2022

    KEREA ENERGY PRICE INDEX APRIL 2022 Energy costs of all primary energy sold in Kenya under the same energy units Ksh per kwh Domestic Biogas (with own feedstock)- Cereal Waste 0.13 Domestic Biogas (with own feedstock)- Food waste 0.58 Domestic Biogas (with own feedstock)- Cow manure 1.12 Non Replenished industrial wood fuel 1.66 Domestic Biogas

    April 16, 2022
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