Our Members

Powerpoint Systems (EA) LTD

Contact Person: Cosmas Musyoki Kilili
Email: info@powerpoint.co.ke Website: http://www.powerpoint.co.ke/

Scode Ltd

Contact Person: John Maina
Email: johnmaina@scode.co.ke Website: http://www.scode.co.ke/

Telesales Solar

Contact Person: Enos Orongo
Email: solar@telesales.co.ke Website: www.telesales.co.ke

EED Advisory

Contact Person : Murefu Barasa
Email: contact@eedadvisory.com Website: www: eedadvisory.com

Schneider Electric

Contact Person : Kamal Gupta
Email:Kamal.Gupta@schneider-electric.com Website: www: schneider-electric.com

Tropical Power

Contact Person : Jean Akisai
Email:Kamal.jean.akisai@tropicalpower.com Website: www.tropicalpower.com

Center for Alternative Technologies

Contact Person : Nawir Ibrahim
Email:umi@cat.co.ke Website: www.cat.co.ke

Suntech Power Ltd

Contact Person : Edward Nyaga
Email:eddy.nyaga@suntech.co.ke Website: www.suntech.co.ke

Davis and Shirtliff

Contact Person : Norman Chege
Email:norman@dayliff.com Website: www.dayliff.com

Generic Energy Ltd

Contact Person : Kung’u Kiarie
Email:Kung’u Kiarie Website: www.genericenergyltd.co.ke


Contact Person : Gathu Kirubi
Email:kirubi@suntransfer.com Website: www.suntransfer.com

Strathmore Energy Research Centre

Contact Person : Prof.Da Silva
Email:imurunga@strathmore.edu Website: www.strathmore.edu

Mkopa Solar

Contact Person : Anne Chege
Email:anne@m-kopa.com Website: www.m-kopa.com

Gallant Technologies

Contact Person : Sullivan Too
Email:info@gallant-technologies.com Website: www.gallant-technologies.com

Mobisol Kenya

Contact Person : Noreen Kombo
Email:noreen.kombo@plugintheworld.com Website: www.plugintheworld.com

ASD(African Solar Design)

Contact Person : Mark Hankins/Jenny Fletcher
Email:jfletcher@africansolardesigns.com Website: www.africansolardesigns.com

EcoCare International

Contact Person : Lemmy Mbogori
Email:lemmy.mbogori@ecocareea.com Website: www.ecocareea.com

Kurrent Technologies

Contact Person : Sanjay Gandhi
Email:sgandhi@kurrent.co.ke Website: www.kurrent.co.ke

Hotpoint Aplliances

Contact Person : David Kariuki
Email:dkariuki@hotpoint.co.ke Website: www.hotpoint.co.ke

Solagen Power

Contact Person : Patrick Nyaga
Email:technical@solagenpower.co.ke Website: www.solagenpower.co.ke


Contact Person : Paul Njunguna
Email:paul.njuguna@dlightdesign.com Website: www.dlightdesign.com


Contact Person : Raphael Kuria
Email:RKuria@mespt.org/credit@mespt.org Website: www.mespt.org.co.ke

Chloride Exide

Contact Person : Sammy Waite | Karanja Njoroge | Linda Michemi
Sammy Waite -Email: waite@chlorideexide.com |Karanja Njoroge -Email: karanjan@chlorideexide.com |Linda Michemi -Email: linda@chlorideexide.com |Website:www.chlorideexide.com

BioLite Holdings Kenya Ltd

Contact Person : Daniel Wald
Email:daniel@bioliteenergy.com Website: www.bioliteenergy.com


Contact Person : David Jesse
Email:biogaskenya@yahoo.com Website: https://web.facebook.com/pages/association-of-biogas-contractors-of-kenya/141916329252018?_rdc=1&_rdr

RIWIK East Africa Ltd

Contact Person : Bart Fugers
Email:info@riwikeastafrica.com Website: www.riwikeastafrica.com

Thrive Energy

Contact Person : Goutham K. Reddy
Email:goutham@thriveenergy.co.in Website: www.thriveenergy.co.in

National Industrial Training Authority

Contact Person : Maina Nguku
Email:ngukukinyua@yahoo.comWebsite: https://www.nita.go.ke/

Daima Energy Services Ltd

Contact Person : Daima Energy Services Ltd
Email:enquiries@daimaenergy.co.ke Website: https://www.daimaenergy.co.ke

East Africa Energy Analytics

Contact Person : Susanne Hounsell
Email:susanne@eastafricaenergyanalytics.com Website: http://www.eastafricaenergyanalytics.com/

BBOXX Capital Kenya

Contact Person : Joane Kayibanda
Email: j.vandenberghe@bboxx.co.uk Website: www.bboxx.co.uk

Sollatek Electronics (Kenya) Ltd

Contact Person : Natalie Balck
Email: natalie.balck@sollatek.co.ke Website: www.sollatek.co.ke

Norken International Ltd

Contact Person :
Email: jkarimi@norken.co.ke Website: www.norken.co.ke

Steelstone Kenya Ltd.

Contact Person : Arvinder
Email: steelstone.kenya@gmail.com Website: http://www.steelstone.co.ke/


Contact Person : Matt Carr
Email: matt@agsol.com Website: https://agsol.com/

Davis & Shirtliff

Contact Person : Vickrogers Macharia
Email: Vickrogers.Macharia@dayliff.com Website: https://www.davisandshirtliff.com/

One Acre Fund

Contact Person : Maxwell Lubeka
Email: maxwell.lubeka@oneacrefund.org Website: https://oneacrefund.org/

Greenlight Planet

Contact Person : Davies/Naomi
Email: naomi.makena@greenlightplanet.com | davies@greenlightplanet.com Website: https://greenlightplanet.com

Azuri Technologies

Contact Person : Snehar Shah
Email: snehar.shah@azuri-technologies.com Website: https://azuri-technologies.com

Byester International LTD |The Green Diamond

Contact Person : Lydia owenga
Email: lyowenga@yahoo.com


Contact Person : Rahab Kagwanja
Email: rahab.kagwanja@m-kopa.com | Website: https://m-kopa.com

Creative Innovations

Contact Person : Elizabeth Mutura
Email: elizabeth.mutura@creative-innovation.com | Website: https://creative-innovation.com


Contact Person : Mellisa
Email: mellissa.wambui@solibrium-solar.com | Website: https://solibrium-solar.com


Contact Person : Mercy Musembi
Email: m.musembi@bboxx.co.uk | Website: https://bboxx.co.uk


Contact Person : Jeremiah Ngari
Email: jeremiah.ngari@total.co.ke | Website: https://total.co.ke

Solar Panda

Contact Person : Scott Remborg | Daniel Njoroge
Email: scottr@solarpanda.com | DanielN@solarpanda.com | Website: https://olarpanda.com

Lean Energy Solutions Ltd

Contact Person : Shadrack
Email: renewable.energy@leansolutions.co.ke | Website: https://leansolutions.co.ke

Mwangaza Light

Contact Person : Catrine
Email: catrine@mwangazalight.com | Website: https://mwangazalight.com


Contact Person : George Aluru
Email: george.aluru@sowitec.com | Website: https://sowitec.com


Contact Person : Moses Dokoria
Email: dokoria.moses@sunamisolar.co.ke | Website: https://sunamisolar.co.ke

Technical Engineering Service Ltd

Contact Person : Mayank Amin
Email: mayank.amin2003@gmail.com

Premier Solar

Contact Person : Kevin Crawford
Email: klc@premiersolargroup.com | Website: https://premiersolargroup.com

ORB Energy

Contact Person : Felix Okoth
Email: Felix.okoth@orbenergy.com |Website: https://orbenergy.com

ARIYA Finergy Holdings

Contact Person : Duncan Mbogo
Email: duncan@ariyafinergy.com |Website: https://ariyafinergy.com


Contact Person : Mikayla Czajkowski
Email: mikayla.czajkowski@sunculture.com |Website: https://unculture.com

Mwezi Solar

Contact Person : Teddy Odindo
Email: teddy.odindo@mwezi.org |Website: https://mwezi.org

Omni Voltaic

Contact Person : Claire
Email: laire@omnivoltaic.net |Website: https://omnivoltaic.net

Jinko Solar

Contact Person : Victor Koyier
Email: victor.koyier@jinkosolar.com |Website: https://jinkosolar.com

PAWAME Kenya Ltd

Contact Person : Lewis Ashiono
Email: lewis.ashiono@pawame.com |Website: https://pawame.com


Contact Person : Michael Isika
Email: michael.isika@sparkmeter.io |Website: https://sparkmeter.io

EAV(Energy Access Ventures)

Contact Person : Jackie
Email: admin@eavafrica.com ,ravi@eavafrica.com |Website: https://eavafrica.com


Contact Person : David Jesee
Email: nbfkenya@gmail.com

BRENHERT Investment Ltd.

Contact Person : Benson Wandeto
Email: bwandeto@brenhert.co.ke | Website:Https://brenhert.co.ke

Krystal Solutions Ltd.

Contact Person : Wycliff
Email: wycliffe@krystalsolutionsea.com | Website:Https://krystalsolutionsea.com

Trend Energy Kenya Ltd.

Contact Person : Charles Oyinkwa
Email: conyinkwa@trendsolar.co.uk | Website:Https://trendsolar.co.uk

Deebabits Green Energy

Contact Person : David Wanjau
Email: david.wanjau@deevabits.com | Website:Https://deevabits.com

Solar Now Services(K) Ltd

Contact Person : Julien
Email: julien@solarnow.eu | Website:Https://solarnow.eu


Contact Person : Shollay
Email: shollay.ramlaul@basf.com | Website:Https://basf.com

Blue Sea Energy LTD

Contact Person : Guru Maaku
Email: gurumaaku@gmail.com

Wanergy Africa Limited

Contact Person : Junnie Wangari
Email: junnie@wanergyafrica.com
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