Challenging Topic Net Metering and it’s advantages for Renewable Energy Industry

Chairman Mr. Kamal Gupta of KEREA addressed on most challenging topic Net Metering and it’s advantages for Renewable Energy Industry

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  • Leonard

    Dear Kenya Renewable Energy Association,

    I hope that this email finds you well.

    I would kindly like to find out from you if there have been any scientific studies you might be aware of regarding the feasibility of upgrading the Kenyan Electricity Generation, Transmission & Distribution Infrastructure (Grid) to enable more independent power producers (e.g. solar farms and owners of mini grids) to ‘upload’ power to the grid (during times of surplus) besides drawing for usage as and when they might need.

    For a long time KPLC had monopoly on almost all aspects regarding electricity in Kenya. Now we have KETRACO, KENGEN etc but I am not fully aware if they have taken any steps towards improving the national grid to accommodate upward transmission besides downward transmission of energy as happens in some countries like Germany (here consumers who produce electricity can sell the excess to energy companies).

    Have you considered public private partnership approaches (featuring KENGEN, KETRACO, development partners like Germany’s GIZ and Infrastructure companies like Siemens AG) on this issue? Would you consider it worthwhile to direct efforts towards such an initiative.

    Kindly let me know. This issue is of great personal interest to me and I would like to maintain close contact/share further ideas with you on the same.

    Best regards,

    Dr. Leonard O. Mwamba

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