The Solar Photovoltaics Systems Regulations gazetted by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) in 2012 require that all persons designing and installing solar PV systems as well as manufacturers, importers, vendors, distributors and contractors of solar PV systems be licensed by ERC. Any person who undertakes solar PV system manufacture, import, vending or installation work without the appropriate license commits an offence.

To be licensed, technicians should have undertaken the relevant training. Additionally, vendors and manufacturers need to employ licensed technicians in order to be licensed themselves.

Through a TERI and DAI project, financial support of up to KSh.10,000 per trainee will be provided for those who enroll for a solar PV training short course at any of the Technical Training Institutions listed below. The financial support will be used to cover a portion of the course fees and will be paid directly to the training institution upon successful completion of the course.The project runs until April,2015

The solar PV training course is not for beginners; it targets applicants with the following qualifications:

  • Practicing solar technicians who have not previously received formal training in solar PV
  • Applicants who have previously undertaken and completed an electrical or directly related course at tertiary level and can demonstrate work experience

Interested applicants with the above qualifications are required to submit a formal application with supporting documents to any of the institutions listed below. Please select the institution nearest to you and contact them for further details

To ascertain the competency of the trained technicians, a skills assessment based on the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) guidelines will be undertaken after the training course. Course participants will also be guided on the process of applying for a solar PV technician license as required by the Energy Regulatory Commission.